Documentation Support

Documentation Support

If you want to avoid contractual issues, customs penalties, transport delays or difficulties in getting paid when trading internationally then it is essential to have the correct export documentation in place. Even if you use a freight forwarder or an agent, itโ€™s still up to you to make sure that the right documents are available.


If youโ€™re new to international trade then you may find the world of export documentation difficult and confusing; even some seasoned exporters still experience problems when completing the necessary paperwork for their shipments.


How we can help

We can advise you on the trade documents required for each overseas market and we can walk you through each stage, or handle the entire process on your behalf for Certificates of Origin, Letters of Credit, ATA Carnets and the majority of Customs documents.


Our services include:


Customs Declarations

Our Customs Declaration service, will ensure that your goods, no matter where they enter or leave the US, will be cleared for onward transportation.


Export Documentation Preparation

Our online, over the phone or face-to-face service delivers fast and accurate export documents 24/7, 365 days a year!


Certificate of Origin

For a quick and easy way to apply for your Certificates of Origin use our secure online service. Our expert team have been successfully certifying these documents for decades.


Customs Documents

Our dedicated team of customs specialists sift through the jargon and take away the confusion to allow you to successfully get your goods to market.


Letter of Credit Service

Take advantage of our fully managed, comprehensive Letter of Credit Service and benefit from a 98% first time approval rate that helps guarantee payment for your exports.


ATA Carnet

Join the growing list of satisfied customers who use our online ATA Carnet service for hassle free transportation of professional equipment, commercial samples and goods going to international trade fairs